Like2Run and Golazo Sports continue to broaden and deepen their joint activities

With the uniquely atmospheric DSW Bruggenloop Rotterdam on Sunday 13 December still coming up, it may be a bit early for a recap of 2015. Still, I believe we can already conclude that the partnership between Like2Run and Golazo Sports has yielded a broader and more layered range of activities.

For example, the AA Drink FBK Games and Flame Games Amsterdam have proven wonderful additions to our already colourful palette of events. During these special athletics galas, a large number of people enjoyed performances by luminaries like former world champion Dafne Schippers.

Like2Run and Golazo have also visibly contributed to the recently upgraded Singelloop Utrecht rheumatism charity run. And the DLL Marathon Eindhoven also enjoyed a dramatic upgrade in 2015. With a new route, fantastic times and a record number of 24,000 entrants, this running event has taken a major step forwards. And during the ‘Month of the Ladies’ Run’, the Dutch premier lifestyle event for female runners became even more inspiring with editions in Groningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

Mario Winnaars Singelloop

As in previous years, in 2015 we also organised the NN Marathon Rotterdam, NN CPC Run The Hague, Peace Run The Hague, the aforementioned Ladies’ Run Rotterdam and DSW Bruggenloop Rotterdam under the Like2Run certification mark.

In 2016 we expect to register some 270,000 entrants in all, participating in 30 events across the country. This makes us the Dutch market leader. Combined with our nation-wide coverage, numbers like this make our events a particularly interesting proposition for existing and prospective sponsors. In my experience, more and more parties are becoming interested in supporting organised running.

Mario Close Up 2015

And when you’re going through this kind of expansion, sooner or later you’ll literally and figuratively need the home base to match. Recently, we were proud to move into our renovated and enlarged office in Rotterdam city centre. With an expanded team of enthusiastic colleagues and a range of innovative new facilities – so that we can provide you with even better service.

In mid-January, we will also start scaling up our Energy Lab programme. It has been a number of years since we started organising training runs for upcoming marathons. A unique initiative – and we were the first organisation to offer anything of this kind. With Energy Lab, this guidance and support will gain a whole new dimension. Anyone who wants to prepare for a full, half or quarter marathon, who wants a medical examination, to attend a clinic, etc, can turn to Energy Lab for professional support.

Our objective is and remains to encourage as many people as possible in a responsible way to become physically active. This contributes to a society in which more people feel fit and full of life. Exercise is literally of vital importance.

That’s what we aim to contribute to through our running events. And over the next few years, we’ll only be adding more activities to our range.

As a quality certification for running events, Like2Run has become a household name. But in the period ahead, we will be organising a growing number of our wide range of activities under the header Golazo Sports. This is a stronger overall brand for our varied range. More and more, the emphasis will be: if you love sports in general or running in particular, you’ll eventually find yourself at a Golazo event.


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