Our running events

Every year a great number of high quality running events are organised under the brand name Like2Run.

The following product offering has come into being through years of experience in organising quality runs:

NN CPC Run The Hague

The NN CPC Run The Hague is a one day running event in The Hague that attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. Young and old, schools and businesses, there's a suitable distance for everyone.

NN Marathon Rotterdam

The NN Marathon Rotterdam belongs to the absolute top of all marathons in the world. The fastest times are run in Rotterdam. The Marathon Rotterdam has also been named as the biggest one day event in The Netherlands (source Respons).

Ladiesrun Rotterdam

The Ladiesrun Rotterdam is a yearly running event with two distances (5 km and 10 km) in one of the most fashionable cities in The Netherlands. What makes the Ladiesrun Rotterdam unique is that this event, which is organised solely for women, can be combined with "wellness", shopping and clubbing. In short, a lifestyle running event at which every women must be present, as a participant or spectator.

DSW Bruggenloop Rotterdam

DSW The Bruggenloop Rotterdam is a unique 15 kilometre running experience that takes place in the special atmosphere of the month of December.

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