Our winners

The Like2Run running events are supported by a large number of winners who make it possible for them all to be great successes. We are therefore very proud of our winners.

At Like2Run we would like to recognise the following winners who are involved in our running experiences:


The more than 100,000 participants who take part in Like2Run running events every year ensure that every event is a special experience. Whether you are running 5 km or the whole marathon, every participant who exerts effort to realise his or her dream is a winner to us.


You, the spectator, belong to the most important ingredients of the Like2Run running events. Without you there is no excitement and it is not possible for participants to finish like a champion. You, the spectator, bring a unique added value to the running events of Like2Run.


You, the volunteer, in your free time take an extra step and thereby are an important link in the success and the reputation of the activities that fall within the Like2Run events. Together with hundreds of other volunteers, varying from students who take a one-off look behind the scenes, to people who have been involved with the organisation for nearly three decades, you give your time so that others can celebrate their victory on the day.


You, the sponsor, help to keep our people in motion. You help us dress our Like2Run events, to give them life and you put us in a position to attract much needed media attention.

Media partners

The media has a big influence on the reporting of our Like2Run running events and thereby also on the reputation and image of running. The more (positive) media attention our Like2Run running events get, the more enthusiastic people become about running.

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